January 31, 2015

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Lou and Frank Sorick press on despite Internet problems preventing any calls from getting through . . . including Mike’s and Mr. X’s.
Lou launches with a discussion of “professional welfare thugs.” Sometimes the ones on the public dole wear nice suits as they accept tax dollars for their services. Lou wonders aloud about part-time solicitors who also maintain their own law practices.

Segment II
Lou shares some of the emails making the rounds among Luzerne County Council members, the media, and a few other parties concerning the impending restructuring of an $88M bond issue from 2006. We also hear a few clips of well-know monetary reformist Bill Still on some of the monetary reform efforts in Europe at the moment. The key question for Still: why should any government borrow money from bankers rather than issue it interest-free itself?

Segment III
Lou and Frank conduct an extended conversation on the nature of sovereign debt and its relationship to central banking practices. Lou still want to know who owns the Federal Reserve in particular.

Segment IV
Lou moves on to the courts and rules committees . . . what has been the impact of Article V, Section 10 (c), amended to the Pennsylvania Constitution in 1968? He also provides an update on the progress of the Independent Citizen Review Board’s inquiry into the court system.