February 7, 2015

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After Obama’s prayer breakfast speech Mike’s decided to try to find a Crusader outfit so he can fulfill his Christian duty. Lou wants to discuss mandatory vaccinations after listening to a local shock jock insist on their necessity earlier in the week. The teams asks where the measles outbreak originated and whether Big Pharma/Big Government collusion might be at play. Frank Sorick’s got a business proposition: shots at the border, or “vaccines for illegals.”

Segment II
Mr. X joins the conversation and notes that none of the talking head financial experts predicted the collapse in energy prices, says, “Nobody knows what’s going to happen.” This leads to a discussion of the Brian Williams “misremembering” scandal and the question of who constitutes a “real” journalist.

Segment III
Lou asks what the “rule of law” means before mentioning some highlights of an article on judicial review the Gazette will be printing in its February issue. Sunbury constable Ed Quiggle calls in to talk about the office of constable. He mentions a number of resolutions he’s signed since assuming the office in 2011, such as his 2012 anti-NDAA resolution, his 2013 Second Amendment Preservation resolution, and his 2015 medical marijuana resolution. Quiggle recommends a couple of websites for those interested in learning some more about the constable peace officer: www.CSPOA.org and www.SunburyPAStateConstable.us.

Segment IV
The Wilkes-Barre Area School District is seeking to replace its three aging high schools and Frank Sorick has been following the developments. He says the school board is considering leasing a new school to be built by a private contractor. Mike notes that as a 1977 Myers High School grad he could not believe the poor condition of the facility when he attended an event there just a few years ago. Lou also presents an update on the effort to launch an Independent Party in Northeastern Pennsylvania.