January 24, 2015

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Lou springs one on his audience: Tea Party Lou and Libertarian Mike? Mike’s pretty much had it with the GOP. Lou speaks briefly about an independent party strategy session he held recently with some local business people. Gary Bittler, proprietor of Sidelines bar in Factoryville, joins the team in studio to discuss the State of the Union Address

Segment II
Mr. X discusses the fundamental contrast before coercion and persuasion. The government, by definition, must result to force to “encourage” compliance (not unlike income taxes being officially “voluntary”). Gary has some personal stories to relate concerning the Affordable Care Act and Lou wonders what will happen with a Republican Senate. Gary: “They have no convictions.”

Segment III
Gary suggests what should have been stated in the SOTU address. X speaks of government’s herding of the populace by various means. Kurt from Scranton calls in to decry taxpayer funding of Primary elections. Gary and X round out the segment with some comments on Obama’s recent community college proposal.

Segment IV
Lou mentions “free range” children and Mike notes that former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has expressed interest in purchasing the New York Times “rag.” Gary offers some of his views on immigration, with Lou noting once again that open borders and a Welfare State are fundamentally incompatible.