Portfolio Tag: Welfare State

January 31, 2015

Lou and Frank Sorick press on despite Internet problems preventing any calls from getting through . . . including Mike's and Mr. X's. Lou launches with a discussion of "professional welfare thugs." Sometimes the ones on the public dole wear nice suits as they accept tax dollars for their services. Lou wonders aloud about part-time…
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July 19, 2014

Lou's back from Montana where he had traveled with¬†Independent Gazette IT guru/graphic artist/contributor John Manko and tells a little about sleeping under the stars out in Big Sky Country. He's also back from a trip late in the week to New York City to hear Wayne Allen Root speak about his new book The Murder…
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July 5, 2014

Mike cites a recent example of bipartisanship . . . to levy a tax increase. Oh well, the Pennsylvania exodus probably requires more highway capacity. Betsy Summers is in studio with Frank Sorick and relays some of the conversations she had with non-registered voters the previous day at Kirby Park. She aims to gather 600…
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