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August 22, 2015

Mike is out today so Lou kicks the show off by offering some of his impressions of "The Donald," which are, so far, pretty favorable. A brief discussion of "free range parenting" ensues, as Lou segues into reminiscing about freedoms lost only since his own youth. Mr. X sees individuals going into debt earlier and…
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July 18, 2015

Mike's on the road . . . somewhere in Utah, so Lou and Mr. X are holding down the fort. Lou mentions a few events: the Gazette's at the Lycoming Fair, which runs through next Saturday, and August 8 is the Lehighton Bike Night and Tunkhannock Rally. Lou's pumped about October super election editions of…
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January 31, 2015

Lou and Frank Sorick press on despite Internet problems preventing any calls from getting through . . . including Mike's and Mr. X's. Lou launches with a discussion of "professional welfare thugs." Sometimes the ones on the public dole wear nice suits as they accept tax dollars for their services. Lou wonders aloud about part-time…
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