September 27, 2014

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Mike boasts of the Texas highway system’s top-ten rating, to which Frank Sorick responds that Pennsylvania’s potholes function as speed bumps to enhance traffic safety. Lou wants to talk about the Pennsylvania State Police’s police state actions in the Poconos in their manhunt for the alleged killer of one of their own recently. Will conservatives champion the US Constitution in light of the PSPs many Fourth Amendment violations, to say nothing of their violations of the PA Constitution.

Segment II
Mr. X offers some insights into former AG Eric Holder‘s resignation . . . seems the mainstream media is intent on whitewashing his record as he departs the DoJ. Lou is intent on something, too: sending a video titled “The Constitution Smuckered” to every state legislator. Mr. X notes the “game of semantics” constantly played by the current federal administration and controlled media, says Benghazi was about covert weapons transfers by the US government to Syrian rebels.

Segment III
Gary calls in to offer his observations on Benghazi: both Rs and Ds are responsible for the cover up. Lou believes the Libertarian Party is becoming a real threat to the Establishment. As far as party politics is concerned, Mike shares some of his experiences with potential supporters during his 2011 bid for Luzerne County Council, during which he ran under the Libertarian Party banner as a registered Republican.

Segment IV
Bruce Levine calls in to talk about his Strengthening Families, Restoring Justice Rally at Wilkes-Barre’s Kirby Park later in the day. He says that he and other judicial reform activists have truly become lifelines in what are often life-and-death matters.