October 4, 2014

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Mike says he’s got his hazmat gear donned down in Texas. Lou brings up the Property Tax Independence Act and the impact of property taxes upon elders. Frank Sorick says Pennsylvania is not getting any larger geographically (unless it invades Maryland) in explaining his support for the bill.

Segment II
Mr. X comments on liberals’ emphasis on the “idea” of fairness, whether that fairness be actual or illusory. Discussion continues on property taxes in general, and school district property taxes in particular.

Segment III
Given the ongoing Ebola scare, Lou wonders whether UACs (unaccompanied alien children), have been examined for communicable diseases. Turns out listener Gary has wondered the same thing and set about contacting a number of PA federal legislators seeking a definitive answer to that important question. Lou invites his other listeners to take similar initiatives to press public servants and then report back to the show or to the Independent Gazette.

Segment IV
Lou plugs the Carbon County Oktoberfest taking place today and Sunday . . . the Carbon County Independent Gazette has been aggressively promoting that event. He also announces the good news of the Gazette’s expansion this month into Arlington, Virginia. Frank has some final comments on the Ebola matter, claiming an armed services tenant of his has confided in him that the military has been vaccinating personnel against the virus, despite public assertions by authorities that no such vaccination is yet available.