September 20, 2014

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SPECIAL GUEST: Dan Johnson, of People Against the NDAA

Mike notes with a bit of disappointment that Texas seems to be constantly outdone by the goings on in Pennsylvania. Lou reads from the PA Oath of Office and then segues into the Pennsylvania Constitution. He skewers state Senator Lisa Baker for removing her sole challenger, Green Party Candidate Jay Sweeney, from the 20th District race. The PA Constitution has once again been “Smuckered,” and by a legislator who has voiced support for the Voters’ Choice Act, no less.

Segment II
Mr. X asks how one goes about “get[ting] on the shelf,” as it were, when it comes to bringing competition to political races. Lou announces some big news: the Gazette will be publishing an Arlington, VA, Edition very soon, as well as an Endless Mountains Edition, although that former title may change. Special guest Dan Johnson of PANDA is in studio and joins the conversation. He relates the impetus for launching the organization, now spread nation-wide, and responds to Mr. X’s query regarding the ideology of its supporters. Johnson says that support is pretty much evenly split between conservatives and liberals, with the Military-Industrial Complex aggressively promoting the NDAA provisions.

Segment III
No local discussion of the NDAA would be complete without an acknowledgement of Anthony Antonello‘s coverage of the legislation, so Lou gives a shout out to him. Antonello’s NDAA videos may be found here, here, and here (and here, and here, and here, etc.). Johnson addresses some important terms in various “anti-terror” legislation, such as “terrorist,” “belligerent act,” and others. The detention facility at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) was instrumental in laying a foundation for many aspects of the US anti-terror apparatus, which has long since been swiveled inward. Johnson speaks of what constitutes a PANDA victory in its battle of ideas, says Congressmen Marino and Barletta have clearly violated their oaths of office by supporting the various incarnations of the must-pass NDAA (which is renewed annually as an armed services appropriations bill).

Segment IV
Johnson talks political strategy, says a mere 3% of the electorate holds politicians’ future in its hands, and warns activists about “playing clean.” All the politicians care about is their reputation, so, by all means, ridicule them when they err and shine a bright light on their betrayals of their constituents’ rights