Portfolio Tag: Benghazi

September 27, 2014

Mike boasts of the Texas highway system's top-ten rating, to which Frank Sorick responds that Pennsylvania's potholes function as speed bumps to enhance traffic safety. Lou wants to talk about the Pennsylvania State Police's police state actions in the Poconos in their manhunt for the alleged killer of one of their own recently. Will conservatives…
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May 17, 2014

A Sanity Check first: broadcasting without both Lou and Mike (no appearance by Mike this episode), so Betsy Summers and Frank Sorick are in studio. Betsy spoke at a CAPTaxes candidates' forum at Genetti's during the week, and spoke in favor of SB 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. Present at the forum were two…
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May 10, 2014

Topics discussed in this episode: * minimum wage hike * regulation and taxation * Toyota's US headquarters move from Southern California to Plano, Texas * upcoming Primary Election * loss of America's moral fiber * the key Benghazi question: what were Americans doing in Benghazi in the first place? * Independent Gazette expansion into other…
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