October 11, 2014

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Monsoon season in Texas, according to Mike, but they’re thankful for the rain, as are we up here in Northeastern PA. In noting, once again, expansion of the Independent Gazette into other regions, Lou emphasizes that “our republic demands and needs a free and independent press.” Mike says a “culture of fear” has been fostered, but the MSM is increasingly viewed with suspicion by the American people. Lou reads an email from a frequent Sanity Check caller, Lou from Greeley, concerning the danger of a runaway judiciary, which could have been ripped from today’s headlines . . . but penned over thirty years ago. Frank Sorick’s not in studio today but Lou does mention his inquiry to Wilkes-Barre City asking why all of the his and the Gazette‘s open records requests seem to illicit a 30-day extension for the city, rather than the mandated 5-day response time.

Segment II
Mr. X finds it significant that tips are flowing into the Gazette from outside its coverage area, attributing that to a general thirst for truth in the country. He says the upcoming Arlington Edition will discuss stories the pols in D.C. really don’t want covered, as their grip on various narrative via the mainstream media diminishes. Lou cites one story ignored by the MSM: the League of Women Voters’ public statement in the late ’80s that the 501(c)(3) Presidential Debate Commission corporation was perpetrating a fraud upon the American people. The Gazette is giving that matter some attention in October.

Segment III
Lou’s calling all Pennsylvania state senators, polling them on their position on SB 195, the Voters’ Choice Act. Mike says that politicians simply tell us what they think we want to hear, citing PA Senator Lisa Baker as a prime example of this. As for a culture of fear, Mike thinks it’s time to strike some fear into politicians, a fear of losing their positions of influence and power.

Segment IV
Lou reads from an email from his friend, nationally known political commentator and analyst Wayne Allen Root. Turns out Root happened to flip through the Gazette‘s September issue and recognize a figure from the “Millionaire to welfare” story on Elaine Mickman. Small world, it seems. Mr. X comments on the ascendancy of the alternative media . . . Mike says we need a whole state senate of Mike Folmers.