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July 25, 2015

Turns out Mike was in Utah last weekend taking his daughter to a new school. He's alarmed, among other matters, by the current 45% college dropout rate. Lou wants to discuss recent developments in the realm of Pennsylvania ballot access. Mr. X says that the Republican Party spent over $600,000 to keep Libertarian candidates off…
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May 30, 2015

Frank Sorick and┬áBetsy Summers fill in for Lou while he's attending and presenting at the Libertarian Political Expo (LPEX) in Las Vegas. Mike's building his ark down in Blanco, Texas, as he explains that the Blanco creek rose some 23 feet in a matter of two hours. This leads to a discussion of the condition…
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October 4, 2014

Mike says he's got his hazmat gear donned down in Texas. Lou brings up the Property Tax Independence Act and the impact of property taxes upon elders. Frank Sorick says Pennsylvania is not getting any larger geographically (unless it invades Maryland) in explaining his support for the bill. Segment II Mr. X comments on liberals'…
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