August 22, 2015

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Mike is out today so Lou kicks the show off by offering some of his impressions of “The Donald,” which are, so far, pretty favorable. A brief discussion of “free range parenting” ensues, as Lou segues into reminiscing about freedoms lost only since his own youth. Mr. X sees individuals going into debt earlier and earlier in life . . . and that becomes their greatest threat to freedom: debt slavery.

Segment II (19:02)
DJ calls in to discuss the freedoms he’s lost since the 1970s. Frank Sorick says that since a kind it seems that he’s had to ask someone, “Is it okay . . .?” Mr. X sees the political parties starting to fringe and claims Hillary’s now in a death spiral.

Segment III (33:46)
Gina Suydam of the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce calls in to talks about some of the chamber’s upcoming initiatives. They’ve got a Shark Tank-style contest to promote local entrepreneurship, for one thing. The application period runs until September 30, and all information may be found at their website.Their Great Fallfest Mixer will be held September 24 at Shadowbrook, with some 500 attendees expected. Lou mentions that he’s heading to Sidelines in Factoryville later in the day for a benefit pool tourney, his first in quite a few years.

Segment IV (47:20)
Lou reminds the Sanity Check audience of some other upcoming events, like the Cornstock Festival and a memorial to honor a beloved member of the Tunkhannock community, Jeremy Mowry. Mr. X clarifies the buzz about IMF action to be taken in mid-October. Turns out, the organization will be deciding whether or not to incorporate the Chinese Yuan into its SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket of currencies. He further warns that the U.S. is in a deflationary spiral. Lou discusses the price tag for a U.S. ambassador position and directs his listeners to for more info.