August 29, 2015

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Mike was pricing “brick’s” of .22 long ammo . . . says they’re three times the price they were only three years ago. Lou’s hearing a lot about how sharp Mr. X and then mentions some upcoming events, such as the Cornstock Festival next weekend and a memorial event for Tunkhannock’s Jeremy Mowry later in the day. Lou also wants to see a mayoral debate in Wilkes-Barre.

Segment II (17:38)
Virginia calls in to relay her experiences at Americans for Prosperity’s recent Defending the American Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio, attended by around 3,600 engaged citizens from around the country. Mr. X talks crude oil dynamics, and comments on Saudi Arabia’s reported ground invasion of Yemen immediately following a 6-1/2-year minimum in crude oil prices, at $38/bl. He sees U.S. fracking companies failing in the coming years as credit to the industry tightens.

Segment III (32:42)
Jillian, a Cornstock Festival organizer, calls in to discuss all that’ planned for that three-day music and arts festival in Tunkhannock Labor Day weekend. It’s actually taking place at Lazy Brook Park just outside of Tunkhannock, and three-day tickets may be had for only $45 prior to the event (as opposed to $55 at the gate). Day passes are also available.

Segment IV (45:20)
Lou once again emphasizes the importance of voting with our dollars. X says that some are panicking about what may happen to Hillary’s substantial minority voter support should she fail to garner the Democratic nomination. Lou asks once again, “Who owns our [federal] debt?” X highlights former US AG Eric Holder’s comment about certain banks being “too big to jail.”