July 19, 2014

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Lou’s back from Montana where he had traveled with Independent Gazette IT guru/graphic artist/contributor John Manko and tells a little about sleeping under the stars out in Big Sky Country. He’s also back from a trip late in the week to New York City to hear Wayne Allen Root speak about his new book The Murder of the Middle Class. Can the US learn from Canada and reverse the trend? Perhaps the immigrant highway extending from Central America should be extended further right through the US and into Canada.

Segment II
There’s still time to gather signatures for independent and third-party bids for office in the General Election. In fact, some 115 PA state reps are running unopposed — more than half of the House of Representatives. Mike cites the example of Lebanon-area state Senator Mike Folmer who ran for office in the wake of the “midnight pay raise” scandal against an entrenched incumbent a few years ago . . . and won. Luzerne County Council dynamics are cited, with Councilwoman Kathy Dobash highlighted as another example of a plucky underdog winning an election.

Segment III
Mr. X joins the discussion with some observations on illegal immigration and allegations of British government manipulation of social media, which X terms “propaganda.” Frank from Old Forge calls in to weigh in on illegal immigration as well, which X describes as a “wage suppression device” with the added benefit of concealing price inflation. Mike’s says he really cannot eat another taco down in Texas so Lou offers to send a care package of haluski, pierogi, and the like.

Segment IV
Frank Sorick is in studio once again and exhorts the listeners to don their Muckraker T-shirts and observe some court proceedings. Lou segues from this into a few statements about Scranton-area priest Father Pickard, drone base protesters in Syracuse, and a grandmother sentenced to a year in jail up there for merely photographing those protesters and violating a bogus PFA against a colonel base commander. This is all further evidence of the need for widespread understanding of jury nullification. Frank rounds out the broadcast by mentioning his disappointment over the lack of Wilkes-Barre police effort and progress concerning the recent sexual assault of a minor in Kirby park.