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March 7, 2015

Special guest, freshman PA legislator¬†Aaron Kaufer,¬†joins Lou and Frank in studio. After only a few weeks in Harrisburg Kaufer's lost a lot of faith in the system as a member of the Government Reform Caucus. He lays much blame at the feet of party politics, saying of the legislature, "It's very frustrating being in there."…
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January 24, 2015

Lou springs one on his audience: Tea Party Lou and Libertarian Mike? Mike's pretty much had it with the GOP. Lou speaks briefly about an independent party strategy session he held recently with some local business people. Gary Bittler, proprietor of Sidelines bar in Factoryville, joins the team in studio to discuss the State of…
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June 7, 2014

Unattended children appearing at the US' southern border? Mike weighs in on this latest immigration development. Lou recounts Monday's tossing from court of Independent Gazette correspondent Tara Koval. It seems that Lackawanna County CYS solicitor Janine Pavalone had resorted to making unsubstantiated allegations of illgeal recording activities on the part of the paper . .…
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