June 7, 2014

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Unattended children appearing at the US’ southern border? Mike weighs in on this latest immigration development. Lou recounts Monday’s tossing from court of Independent Gazette correspondent Tara Koval. It seems that Lackawanna County CYS solicitor Janine Pavalone had resorted to making unsubstantiated allegations of illgeal recording activities on the part of the paper . . . and Judge Margie Moyle proceeded to remove Koval from her courtroom solely on Pavalone’s word. Lou found himself in Moyle’s courtroom (for the first time) two days later on Wednesday, along with Koval, this time to witness the proceedings of Edward Bonifante. Lou’s made some interesting observations of how Bonifante’s pre se endeavor faired, observations made before Lou himself was removed from the courtroom a couple of hours into the hearing. So begins a discussion on the show about open proceedings — who wouldn’t want those? Surely, court transcripts can be trusted, right? Unfortunately, perhaps not so much. Lou asks how much money children are worth, leading Mike, who’s got firsthand adoption experience, to wonder aloud about the incentives to placing children into the system. Mr. X finally joins the conversation in the fourth segment to present his take on the recent Gitmo prisoner exchange. Could it be an instance of “catch and release”? Lou closes the show with a plea for court observers. He’ll even provide free “muckraker” T-shirts. Who could turn down that offer?