March 7, 2015

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Special guest, freshman PA legislator Aaron Kaufer, joins Lou and Frank in studio. After only a few weeks in Harrisburg Kaufer’s lost a lot of faith in the system as a member of the Government Reform Caucus. He lays much blame at the feet of party politics, saying of the legislature, “It’s very frustrating being in there.” Kaufer stuns the Sanity Check team by revealing that funding for legislative staff and offices is funneled exclusively through caucuses, thus creating yet another barrier to Independent and third party candidates. He announces an open house at his Luzerne office, 161 Main St., on March 26 from 5:00 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Segment II
The team engages in a discussion of party dynamics while Lou encourages his listeners to run for office as most of the Sanity Check team have done themselves. Lou then highlights Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan as a federal legislator setting a shining example

Segment III
Lou talks about his own 2006 congressional bid in New Jersey. Gary from Mil City calls in to slam Republican leadership in Congress, says he contacted 15 U.S. Senators from both parties pressing them on the latest executive amnesty action from the White House. He was not encouraged by the responses. Lou brings up Clinton ties to the massive Indian company Tata. Mr. X says the problem is corporate infiltration of government upsetting true free market dynamics.

Segment IV
Frank Sorick laments “being awake,” says you can’t “unknow” something. Lou calls on legislators, bot PA and federal, to act on calls for public hearings on the judicial system, shares some of the calls alleging abuse by the system that he receives daily. Lou mentions a Clarks Summit chiropractor who will no longer accept insurance but simply accept as compensation whatever her customers can pay.