July 18, 2015

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Mike’s on the road . . . somewhere in Utah, so Lou and Mr. X are holding down the fort. Lou mentions a few events: the Gazette’s at the Lycoming Fair, which runs through next Saturday, and August 8 is the Lehighton Bike Night and Tunkhannock Rally. Lou’s pumped about October super election editions of the Gazette, and the PA Supreme Court race will be a focus.

X says the hallmark of most political discussions are cover-ups and the “shielding” of the public from truths. Lou says the critical issue is being free in our thinking, to which X notes that government does not desire self-sufficient citizens.

Segment II (17:04)
Lou reflects on his years operating his Montana bar . . . and listening to the wisdom of those who were then the age his is now. The question that’s been occupying his thoughts of late? What are we fighting for? X says we need to aim for greater self-sufficiency in the face of a system which seeks to enslave us by debt.

Segment III (33:11)
Lou shares a few more inspirational quotes, including passages from the U.S. Declaration of Independence. X comments on those who desire to use government coercion to fashion their vision of Utopia, citing Al Gore as an example. Lou wonders aloud whether it would be wiser to flee to another country or to remain in the U.S. and stand our ground here. X says that the dynamics of power have largely remained unchanged throughout human history, citing religion as an example.

Segment IV (49:10)
X emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open exchange of ideas, adding that each one should prevail on its own merits. Lou and X continue their dialogue about the use of government force to accomplish various ends, with X calling out the USDA for its own regulatory capture.