September 13, 2014

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What was Lou’s involvement in a recent bank robbery in his neck of the woods? Mike wants to know. Lou introduces the thrust of this broadcast: how do we change a broken system? He wants to see the “good ol’ boy” network tossed, especially PA Senators Smucker and Greenleaf.

Segment II
Lou makes some endorsements: Democrat Andy Ostrowski for Congress in the PA-11 contest, Libertarian Betsy Summers for the 121st District PA House seat, and Republican Melanie Madeira for the 114th District PA House Seat. He then calls out PA Senator Lisa Baker as a fraud for attempting to challenge Green Party opponent Jay Sweeney off the ballot in the 20th District race. If she wins she should not take her oath of office upon a Bible, Lou says.

Segment III
Lou asserts that we change things by electing the right people. Caller Gary doesn’t think the laws already on the books are being enforced. Lou announces a voter registration drive plan to be executed over the next six weeks until the General Election. Mr. X contrasts the rhetoric of Candidate Obama and President Obama.

Segment IV
Lou asks Wilkes-Barre if it’s ready to act . . . could it be the next Lexington and spark significant change across the country? Betsy Summer’s is in studio and calls for citizen-legislators to stand up, ones who’ll go to Harrisburg — reluctantly — serve their fellow citizens . . . and then leave, without a pension in hand. Frank Sorick believes that only a few hundred votes can sway elections at the local level and says that a lot of eyes are on Betsy’s 121st District race, in particular.