November 22, 2014

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Mike contrasts Obama’s appeals to Scripture in his immigration address with his abortion record. Frank Sorick maintains that the politically connected and the elected are exempt from the laws imposed upon the rest of us. Liliana calls in with claims that illegal aliens in her Wilkes-Barre neighborhood are able to break laws routinely with impunity.

Segment II
Lou announces a ticket giveaway contest for Ben Carson’s December 3 appearance at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe. The event is sponsored by the Lehighton 9/12 Group. Mr. X points to U.S. military adventurism over the last 50 years in the absence of proper Congressional declarations of war as perfect examples of lawlessness. Gary from Milllville doesn’t think anything will change in D.C. following the 2014 midterms.

Segment III
Patrick calls in to share his plans to have himself deported . . . and he sounds like he’s serious about the matter. Lou comments on AG Kane’s remarks about being gagged herself concerning the email scandal which recently erupted. She wonders aloud what chance any of the rest of us have in the existing judicial system. Lou reiterates his view that the court system is a “cesspool.”

Segment IV
Lou says we need to have substantive conversations with our legislators, and relays his recent attempts to dialogue with a number of Pennsylvania congressmen concerning a bill in the U.S. House which seeks to impose national ID measures outside of the U.S. Mr. X emphasizes the importance of voting by means of economic activity — with our dollars.