November 29, 2014

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Mike says the Southern Democrats are talking about getting back to basics. Lou offers some kudos to Luzerne County councilwoman Kathy Dobash, says we need to be filing open records requests with the counties concerning Children and Youth Services lawsuit settlements. John Z. calls in to offer the real scoop on Thanksgiving

Segment II
Lou talks about some of the articles in the December Gazette, published the day before. Mr. X expounds on his piece about the most important election no one’s heard of, also discusses auditing Fort Knox in conjunction with that article.

Segment III
Kerry Schimelfenig fills us in on his new association with the NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance, featured on the cover of the December Gazette. He and the Gazette are excited about their renewed collaboration.

Segment IV
Frank Sorick comments on some of Wilkes-Barre mayor Tom Leighton’s statements concerning the parking enforcement officer who had allegedly been pilfering the parking meters. Pot calling the kettle black, much? Lou plays a clip of renowned libertarian economist Milton Friedman commenting on the Welfare State. The upshot? According to Friedman, “Bad means corrupt good intentions.”