November 15, 2014

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Lou tells of his recent lobbying efforts in Harrisburg — delivering a copy of the Gazette to every state senator, says the recent internal elections for chair appointments in the Pennsylvania Legislature were significant.

Segment II
Mr. X says the true nature of politics was revealed by the recent Gruber matter — will this prove to be the Democrats’ “WMD moment”? X then describes an upcoming Swiss referendum as the most important election no ones’ heard of in the last two or three years. Will the Swiss people vote to raise the gold backing of their currency to 20 percent over the next five years?

Segment III
A call from John . . . what of third party and Independent candidates in the recent election by the national media? Should the Republican Party be disbanded altogether? The Sanity Check team agrees: competition is what’s needed in the political realm. Frank Sorick exhorts Sanity Check listeners to vote and not sit on the sidelines.

Segment IV
Lou gets to the topic of “net neutrality” and reads Campaign for Liberty’s stinging indictment of the plan. Is it really Obamacare for the Internet? Mr. X agrees that the measure will bring equality — equally slow Internet speeds for the American people.