February 28, 2015

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Lou relays a recent conversation he had with self-described “Left Patriot” and local activist Kurt Shotko concerning Internet regulation, critical thinking, and a few other topics. Mike doesn’t think critical thinking is to be found any longer as the discussion turn to disputed topics like the events of 9/11, global warming, and a few others. Frank Sorick hints that the feds are poised to take action in Wilkes-Barre, teasing that “what you’ve been praying for is about to happen.” He says he is swamped with foreclosure appraisals in the area.

Segment II
Mr. X reports from CPAC, calls it the Star Trek convention for political junkies. He says that the speakers seems to aim to manipulate by fear and all agree that some sort of bombing is in order, only disagreeing on the extent and location of the exercise in U.S. military imperialism. The discussion turns to FOX News, Jeb Bush, political operative Roger Stone, and LBJ.

Segment III
Lou talks about winning the life lottery again. Kerry Schimelfenig  is back in studio to update Sanity Check listeners on the activities of the NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance. He’s pretty excited about the bowling events coming up in May.

Segment IV
The crew discusses the impact of property taxes and the prospects for school property tax elimination in the current session of the Pennsylvania legislature. Kurt Shotko calls in to discuss some of his own initiatives, one which focus on “positive psychology,” as he terms it.