March 28, 2015

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Work commitments keep Mike from this broadcast, but Frank Sorick joins Lou in the studio again. Lou offers a few observations on the previous week’s Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth presentations, asking why the media blackout on the questions the group raises. Another question on Lou’s mind: are we defined by the words we use? Lou wants to know what “assistance of counsel” in the U.S. Constitution’s Sixth Amendment means as he reads some material from Andy Ostrowski of the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network calls in to discuss the legal system, maintaining that judicial accountability is the most important issue in America today.

Segment II (20:28)
The legal issues conversation continues, with Andy claiming a conflict of interest arises when BAR attorneys take an oath to the court. Lou comments on how attorneys’ billable hours compensation arrangement encourages drawn-out legal proceedings. Mr. X says the creation of laws upon laws upon laws is about creating work for attorneys, as Andy calls on the Occupy Movement to occupy courtrooms as court observers.

Segment III (39:20)
Lou reads the ranking of the U.S. in various spheres. Mr. X says the myth that the U.S. is #1 in everything must be kept alive by the existing power structure. Gary from Millville calls in to mention partisanship within the judiciary and law enforcement. Mr. X critiques our current society as being too “soft.”

Segment IV (50:31)
Lou pays tribute to the late Georgia state senator and champion of children Nancy Schaefer. March 26 marked the fifth anniversary of her and her husband’s passing under very suspicious circumstances. After playing a recording of a narration of Schaefer’s stinging legislative report on Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Lou calls on a number of Pennsylvania legislators¬†by name to conduct hearings similar to Schaefer’s. “Let’s have an open forum,” says Lou.