April 4, 2015

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Mike offers a few observations on the Texas legislature. Kerry Schimelfenig, of the NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance, is in studio to fill us in on their upcoming initiatives, including the May 16 Scranton Armed Forces Day Parade.

Segment II (17:15)
Mr. X speaks briefly about his latest article, which asserts that all US aid to Israel violates US law . . . Breitbart.com refused to run this one. He says the US Government simply chooses which of its own laws it will abide by and which it will disregard . . . seems the “rules” only apply to the little guy. Lou emphasizes the centrality of property rights to the US Constitution and our republic. Gary from Mill City has some comments on Dirty Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the like, telling us what he really thinks of their ilk.

Segment III (34:04)
Lou wants to discuss the recent Indiana Religious Freedom Law and then alters course a bit to ask once again who determines the salary of all the solicitors found in government. There seems to be no accountability for their compensation or action and they are foundĀ everywhere. Lou tells of receiving calls from young journalists who can’t find work locally in their own profession. Is there not a need for quality investigative journalism today?

Segment IV (50:33)
Lou launches some extended concerning mental evaluation for judges. Yes, judges (and some of their cohorts in the legal system).