July 11, 2015

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Mike wonders aloud whether the churches are being set up by recent court rulings to be stripped of their tax-free status. Frank Sorick’s got a contrary view and does not believe that rabbis and priests (he mentions, in particular) will be compelled to perform same-sex ceremonies under such a penalty. Lou says “what you permit you promote,” as he discusses the growing surveillance state. He says that John DiLiberto has just learned the hard way that PA State Police are now scanning license plates.

Segment II (19:48)
Mr. X offers some analysis of the Greek debt situation, saying that wealth has been built on a pyramid of debt. He believes that Europe has been living under the protective umbrella of U.S. military might for decades . . . what if the U.S. defense budget could be channeled to social programs for Americans? The financial situation in China may overshadow that if Greece as their own central bank’s QE measures create bubbles now popping.

Segment III (32:26)
Lou’s offers some Gazette updates: breaking stories from the Berks team, a new South Jersey Edition in the works, and Wilkes-Barre and Scranton Editions becoming distinct for special election issues in the September/October time frame. Frank likens an independent press to a fire extinguisher: unnoticed until it’s needed. He also cites some foreclosure misconceptions he’s discerned from his own real estate appraisal work. Lou reads from an email he received very critical of the PA Judicial Conduct Board. Lou from Greeley calls to announce a $50 trip package to an AFP Summit August 21 and 22 in Columbus, Ohio.

Segment IV (52:36)
Frank’s got some favorable observations about “The Donald,” saying the establishment doesn’t like the fact that the man cannot be bought. This leads the team into a discussion of how the presidential debates are being fashioned and controlled. Mr. X thinks the aim is to create a “false narrative.”