February 14, 2015

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The Sanity Check team learns from Mike to our astonishment that Texas—unlike Pennsylvania—is not an open carry state. Mike reports on efforts to change that. Lou recites a litany of bills for which some sort of action was taken in the Pennsylvania Assembly . . . on a single day. He also lists some of his qualifications for a potential legislator, and being able to survive in the Montana wilderness is among them.

Segment II
Lou reads a response from 2012 Presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson to Obama’s latest attempt to gain greater latitude in committing U.S. forces to action overseas. What if other voices, like Johnson’s, had been permitted in the 2012 presidential debates? Mr. X says that candidate Obama is a stark contrast to President Obama and that the only matter that is up for discussion currently is how many bombs to unleash rather than whether to bomb people overseas at all.

Segment III
Kerry Schimelfenig of the NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance joins Lou in studio to discuss the organization and their latest collaboration, this one with the Idle Hours and Stanton Lanes bowling facilities.

Segment IV
Lou briefly addresses the current net neutrality controversy, a preview of further coverage coming in the following week’s program. X warns that the powers that ought not to be want to require a unique ID for anyone accessing the Internet . . . whatever anonymity which exists now is to be shredded. Lou closes by addressing the recent push to extend the maximum retirement age for Pennsylvania state judges from 70 to 75. As his listeners might suspect, he does not favor that proposal.