February 21, 2015

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Mike describes his call from the IRS while Lou speaks of winning the life lottery some 45 years ago. Frank Sorick comments on the recent report of several New York communities seeking to secede to Pennsylvania, to which Lou responds with some stats on taxation and the reduction in leisure time since the 1970s.

Segment II
Ben calls in to share his experience with the Vietnam draft, notes that not everyone had the opportunity to attend college at that time. Mr. X discusses his latest Breitbart piece calling for the Saudi’s to send their own sons to the front lines to clean up their own messes.

Segment III
Frank comments on Tom Leighton’s decision not to seek a fourth term as Wilkes-Barre mayor. Frank says Leighton had been waiting on the results of a telephone poll conducted on February 16 before making and announcing his decision, adding that Leighton may not be running for mayor but is running from the FBI.

Segment IV
Lou touts the Gazette’s new Independent Shopper section. Mike says the people need to intimidate the government rather than the reverse. X comments on the economics of tar sands oil extraction. Lou closes with some comments on the rise of Independent voters