August 8, 2015

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Mike’s encouraged that his pastor down in Texas has taken a public stand for traditional marriage: that’s the only sort of marriage which will be performed in his church. Lou commends, once again, Congressman Marino for calling in to Sanity Check the previous week to discuss the Iran deal and other matters. Lou emphasizes the importance of dialogue. The Sanity Check crew, of course, offers their impressions of Thursday’s Republican presidential candidates debates.

Segment II (17:32)
Dory Browning, of True Friends Animal Welfare Center in Montrose, calls in to talk about the no-kill shelter and it’s fourth anniversary fundraising event, Woofstock,  being held August 15 from noon to 5:00 p.m. The crew then returns to the debates and some comments made by a certain candidate about writing a $100,000 check to bring Hillary Clinton to his wedding. Frank notes that corruption “ain’t cheap.”

Segment III (32:26)
Frank Harris, Kahr Arms‘ vice president of sales and marketing, calls in to discuss the manufacturer’s lineup of firearms products, as well as what prompted the American company to shift its corporate offices from New York (where they had been for some 20 years) to the Poconos.  Spoiler: the passage of a certain New York law in early 2013 was the deciding factor. Mr. X comments on the Browning interview, says an increasingly informed public has led to a reduction of some 90 percent in the numbers of pets put down in the U.S. over the last four decades. He notes this was accomplished without government coercion.

Segment IV (47:48)
Frank Sorick speaks of his vision for Wilkes-Barre as the Republican mayoral candidate this year. He says transparency will be a top priority and that open records requests will not be necessary to access much of the city information for which they now are. Frank says he’s not requesting campaign contributions from city contractors, and, in fact, will end the pay-to-play system. That’s all music to Lou’s ears, who thinks a Sorick administration would turn Wilkes-Barre around dramatically.