August 1, 2015

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Lou revisits the topic of polling and its veracity. Why is Jeb Bush the “front-runner” nobody seems to be voting for? Mr. X says the debates will reveal candidates’ positions to the electorate. Lou emphasizes the difficulty of funding a free and independent press without becoming beholden to the corporate dollar.

Dave Bradley, of the Carbon County Independent Gazette, is in studio to tell the Sanity Check audience about Lehighton Bike Night, coming up the following Saturday, August 8. Dave encourages everyone to head down to the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company for a great time. Details are available at

Segment II (19:09)
In preparing for this show, Lou touched base with Allentown cleric, Father Anthony. The Gazette had interviewed Anthony two years ago for a September 2013 article on Syria and U.S. intervention in the region. Lou also plays a couple clips of an interview which Pat Buchanan had done with news outlet Russia Today in which the former Presidential adviser dismisses concerns about Iranian aggression and directs attention to the nuclear arsenal which many believe to be in the possession of Israel.

Segment III (31:29)
Congressman Tom Marino (R-10) calls in to the show to discuss the Iran nuclear deal currently being considered by Congress. Marino says the key question is, are we safer with a nuclear Iran? He says the “deal” on the table runs about 100 pages, but leaks have emerged alleging additional secret components of the arrangement involving the United Nations. Marino says the UN Security Council received the agreement for review prior to the U.S. Congress.

Marino states flat-out that he does not trust one word coming out of Obama’s mouth, explaining that the Iranian deal is a hybrid arrangement, hence the involvement of the U.S. House when treaties remain within the purview of the Senate.

Lou presses Marino about impeachment proceedings against Obama and also asks him about widespread speculation that Israel possesses some 300 nukes i nits own arsenal. Marino also comments on the ceding of power by Congress to the Executive over the last 60 years and efforts to reverse some of that damage to the balance of power.