April 11, 2015

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Lou’s been under the weather for a few days, but he presses on nonetheless. Mike shares some recent experiences of his with the Affordable Care Act: high premiums and deductible. He wonders aloud, where’s the outrage over the ACA?

Segment II (18:21)
Kentucky pastor Jerry Stephenson calls in to discuss his support of Rand Paul’s candidacy for president. Lou attended the Paul announcement in Lexington earlier in the week and overheard some of the interviews Stephenson had given. Stephenson says he first met Rand at a Tea Party event in 2008, finds him genuine and credible, and views Rand as a champion of three issues particularly important to the urban community: education, economic freedom zones for economic development, and religious freedom. Stephenson says ┬áreligious freedom has been under assault for some 30 years under the guise of “discrimination.”

Segment III (39:10)
Lou talks about what he witnessed of other media outlets at the Rand Paul event. Mr. X says the smear of “isolationist” is one tactic the controlled media will employ to marginalize Rand. Mike says he’s noticed signs of a major shift from political party allegiances.

Segment IV (51:17)
The team discussed the prospect of a Jeb/Hillary 2016 contest. X says that Rand is the only Republican polling well against Hillary across the U.S., while Frank Sorick notes that no Democrat has won the presidency without Pennsylvania, at least in recent memory.