April 25, 2015

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Did Mike really wake up early to work on his Hillary for Prez sign? So says Mike, anyway. This leads to a highly abridged discussion of Clinton scandals. Frank Sorick tells of being “accosted” after Tuesday’s Wilkes-Barre Council meeting by a furious council vice-chairperson, Bill Barrett, concerning a short piece written by John DiLiberto in the April issue of the Gazette. John caught an earful, too. His response to Barrett: “Email me if you’ve got any feedback on the article.”

Segment II (19:25)
Gary from Millville’s got some observations on the recent US AG confirmation of Loretta Lynch. Mr. X wants to talk about the LIBOR scandal, which he warned about a few years before it came to light . . . another “conspiracy theory” proven fact. Billion-dollar fines levied on some huge banks, and yet no one goes to jail (too big to jail?). Get caught with some pot on your person, though, and  . . .

Segment III (35:27)
Lou introduces the topic of campaign finance and wonders aloud whether donations cause candidates to alter their positions. He says the key is transparency in the reporting, and X says that we’ll never be able to keep money out of politics. He wants to see all candidates included in all debates and forums.

Segment IV (50:15)
Lou says some exciting things are in the works for the June Scranton Edition, including separating it from Wilkes-Barre reporting as the Gazette had been doing for a period of time. X mentions some recent 60 Minutes reporting drumming up the allegations of poison gas use on the part of the Syrian Assad regime. Lou notes that their are repercussions to functioning as a free and independent press, usually to the bottom line.