May 2, 2015

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An open carry law was just passed in Texas . . . yeah, the state wasn’t an open carry state prior, curiously enough. Mr. X talks about the use of semantic games to “game” the law as he relates his and Lou’s own experience with the Fair and Clean Election law in New Jersey a few years ago. Mike chimes in to criticize party politics dynamics.

Segment II (18:39)
Lou exhorts Sanity Check readers to do their own research to confirm the claims made on the show. Mr. X describes ads for escorts in drawing the analogy with how corruption may be pulled off in the political realm. The “big names” are able to remain an arm’s length away from damning documentation it seems.

Segment III (33:38)
Lou asks where we could flee for relief? He then provides an update on the expansion of gazette affiliates. Michelle Schaefer calls in to talk about the new Berks County Independent Gazette team.  Their website has only been live for a few days and the team is already being inundated with tips and pleas for assistance. Custody for Cash corruption already appears to be a significant issue in the county.

Segment IV (50:13)
Lou mentions his desire to create a turnkey system for Gazette expansion. In fact, he’ll be speaking at the Libertarian Political Expo (LPEX) about his experiences in print media come late May. Mike discusses the hubris of the political class, which he’s experiencing directly from a former Texas state representative who’s impose his will upon Mike’s homeowners’ association. Mike thinks “the people” should have the to intimidate government, not the opposite.