October 25, 2014

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Mike kicks off the broadcast once again, this time mentioning a school in Texas which has opted to arm its teachers. Don’t mess with Texas, right? Frank Sorick describes his sighting of the — some would say — ahem, elusive Wilkes-Barre City controller, Kathy Kane. Should we believe the federal government when it advises against panic over the Ebola virus? Lou touts a long-term objective of the Independent Gazette, a syndication network akin to the Associated Press: the Muckraker Press.

Segment II
Mr. X talks third parties and Independents . . . says the legacy parties are extremely concerned about the loosening of their grip over the electorate. Hence the raising of all sorts of artificial barriers to ensure that no challenge to their ballot hegemony emerges. Gary from Millville calls in and has plenty to say about illegal immigration. X says the immigration policy is intended to suppress wages in the U.S. and mask inflation. Lou concludes the segment by reading a heartfelt message from New York Libertarian candidate Gigi Bowman on her battle to remain on the ballot in her state.

Segment III
Mr. X continues to inform us about efforts to keep third party and Independent candidates out of debates and away from the public light in general. Nevertheless, their polling numbers are rising and giving the legacy parties the jitters. Lou gives a peak of his upcoming article on the League of Women Voters and their accusation in the late ’80s against the Presdential Debate Commission, accusing that 501(c)(3) corporation of “perpetrating a fraud upon the American people.” X rounds out the segment with his best impression of radio personality Mark Levin.

Segment IV
Lou cites The Washington Post‘s coverage of the Watergate scandal as an instance of courageous journalism. Mr. X says the Rs and Ds agree wholeheartedly on one thing: only they should be appearing on ballots, to which Lou appeals to Republicans in particular, “We’re Americans first.” X cites the impressive academic credentials of Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Rob Sarvis . . . yet they seem to have no value in light of Sarvis’ exclusion from debates this election cycle.