November 1, 2014

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Lou lists his preferred candidates, with the rest of the Sanity Check team chiming in on occasion.

Corbett or Wolf? Corbett . . . Lou’s not too enthusiastic about the governor but still has no idea who Wolf really is. Mike notes that he’s been keeping tabs on this race and some other Pennsylvania contests — he would by no means vote for Cartwright. Lou has enjoyed the WVIA Congressional debate series, especially having viewed them in person right at the WVIA studios.

PA-10? Lou’s favoring Independent candidate Nick Troiano, although sitting Congressman Tom Marino’s dealt fairly with the Gazette and is still viewing positively by Lou.

Segment II
Mr. X speaks briefly about the inaugural issue of the Arlington Independent Gazette, with distribution commencing this weekend. He hopes for a viral transmission of the paper’s material, via the subway system, from Arlington into the belly of the beast nearby. Joe Albert, vying against Senator John Blake for his 22nd Senatorial District seat, calls in to speak briefly about some of his key positions. As for Lou’s senatorial district, the 20th, he will cast a ballot for NOTA (none of the above) before he votes for Republican incumbent Lisa Baker.

Segment III
Caller George prompts a further discussion of Nick Troiano’s positions. Is really a stealth Democrat? Betsy Summers is in studio to fill the radio audience in on the final efforts of her campaign to unseat Eddie Day Pashinski in the 121st Legislative District. She’s laughs while noting that media outlets are typically pleasantly surprised by her accessibility.

Segment IV
Lou offers two final endorsements: Republican Aaron Kaufer in the 120th Legislative District and Democrat Andy Ostrowski in PA’s Eleventh Congressional District. Frank Sorick and Mike are likewise not enamored with sitting Congressman Lou Barletta. X says that campaigns these days are about distractions rather than clarity as he considers running on a “puppy dogs and unicorns” platform himself.