May 16, 2015

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Segment I (2:10)
Lindy Morelli of the Lighthouse in Scranton joins Lou in studio to discuss her ministry and its first-ever Indiegogo campaign. Some Independent Gazette articles of or about Lindy may be found here, here, and here.

Segment II (20:08)
Mr. X discusses the Clapper perjured testimony concerning mass NSA surveillance. Lou says we clearly have a two-tiered justice system. Frank Sorick is in studio to discuss allegations which have just arisen concerning fraudulent signatures found on the nominating petition of Wilkes-Barre magistrate candidate Jared Kane. Another MDJ candidate, Bob Polkovitch, calls in to talk to Lou about his candidacy as a Republican.

Segment III (39:34)
Lou offers a shout out to the Patriot Connectors group and thanks them for their support and continued engagement in the political sphere. The next Custody for Cash/Judicial Reform meeting at Scranton’s Elm Park UM Church will be May 28 and Lou elaborates on efforts to secure from the PA legislature public hearings on those matters. Charlie Spano, Republican candidate for Lackawanna County commissioner, calls in to discuss his availability for a debate on the Dave Madeira Show Monday at 8:00 a.m. Lou plays a clip of a recent Madeira interview with PA Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Warren in which he asks her about the PA Judicial Conduct Board (JCB). Hear the full hour here.

Segment IV (52:25)
Lou doesn’t believe the JCB would have been brought up in the Supreme Court race if Madeira had not mentioned it. Mike wonders aloud why a culture of corruption is tolerated up here. X says the system (any system, really) is designed to protect its own legitimacy — that’s its prime directive. Come the General Election Lou wants to ask each judicial candidate of any level whether they would jail a defense attorney who advised a jury of its prerogative to nullify laws it views as repugnant to the constitutions of the U.S. or of Pennsylvania.