May 23, 2015

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Mike wonders aloud why he continues to wake up to do a radio program at 6:00 a.m., his time . . . oh, that’s right, he’s caught in the “Lou vortex.”  Lou deflects by referring to the “Terry Martin vortex.” Frank Sorick is in studio to discuss some of the Primary results in Wilkes-Barre. Mr. X is wondering about some things today, too, like why government force is needed to promote ideas that are supposedly so good. Lou reminds his audience that the next judicial reform strategy session is scheduled for this Thursday, May 28, at Scranton’s Elm Park UM Church.

Segment II (20:26)
Terry Martin and Bob Butts join Lou in-studio. Butts welcomes the Gazette team to the rabble-rouser and troublemaker crowd (he’s been doing both for quite some time). Terry Martin’s excitement over the Quad County Gazette has only been increasing. Dave Bradley of the Carbon County Gazette has been buoyed by the Primary results down there, especially by the advancement of a number of taxpayer group-affiliated candidates for school board to the General election.

Segment III (34:50)
Bob Butts tells his story of being thrown out of prison . . . he had been conducting some life skills classes, but when he publicly began raising questions about what would become know as Kids for Cash a few years before the scandal broke some of the powers that be made it known that he was no longer welcome in prison. The Berks County Independent Gazette hasn’t even printed their first issue yet but Michelle Schaefer calls in to tell about some stories the team’s already broken on their website. One involves a questionable association between the Reading Eagle (Reading’s daily newspaper) and the Berks County sheriff’s reelection campaign. So much for how to win friends and influence people.

Segment IV (50:49)
Lou and Mr. X will be presenting at the Libertarian Political Expo next week. He’s excited by the prospects of continued expansion of the Gazette network. In other positive developments, a Meshoppen mansion is slated to become a Gazette office, thanks to Terry and her son Jeramie. Should it be called the “Truth House,” as Lou has suggested?