June 20, 2015

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  1. MarkRitaLusk
    We have not doubt the lengths that some politicians will go to make sure, those of us out here and know what they have done, we stay quite or so scared we can't function.

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The June 20 broadcast is dedicated to a recent interview Lou conducted with Wayne Allyn Root, whose website states that “media across the globe calls Wayne Allyn Root ‘the Capitalist Evangelist.’ Wayne is a former Presidential candidate, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, a Libertarian-conservative speaker, political personality and national media superstar. He is the ultimate Capitalist Evangelist: a blue-collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher) turned Ivy Leaguer, CEO, serial entrepreneur, champion of small business, and defender of capitalism.”

Root describes his tageting by the IRS in recent years as a vocal critic of the Obama Administration. Thanks to the assistance of Judicial Watch, Root’s got the documentation to support his allegations.