June 27, 2015

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Mike relays how FEMA has gone about frustrating the efforts of Texans to assist each other in the aftermath of severe flooding. Perhaps ominously, FEMA was requesting the names of volunteers as a condition of giving money to counties on account of the volunteers’ recovery work. The Sanity Check team also discusses the developing GOP slate of presidential candidates. Will Fox News ultimately be the one to select the Republican nominee?

Segment II (20:17)
Gary from Mill City’s got some comments on the developing presidential race. He says “the left is destroying this country.” Mr. X says the energy of the “radiosphere” is focused on Bernie Sanders, not Hillary. Lou mentions an Our America Initiative¬†FEC lawsuit concerning presidential debate inclusion. Mike’s got some observations on CVS Pharmacy’s corporate muscle and its possible relation to big government.

Segment III (35:13)
Andy Ostrowski calls in to discuss the common law grand jury movement. The most significant obstacle ¬†would be finding a sheriff or other law enforcement servant to act on a grand jury indictment, but how would one even go about convening such a jury? Andy’s got some guidance for that, as does the National Liberty Alliance, which is spearheading what may be the most viable common law grand jury effort in the U.S. to date. The notion of a common law grand jury is nothing new either, tracing its roots back at least 800 years to the Magna Carta.

Segment IV (49:32)
In the wake of the potential difficulties with a common law grand jury approach, Lou makes an appeal for sheriff candidates who will honor their oath to the U.S. and state constitutions. Andy mentions former congressman James Traficant‘s actions as a sheriff prior to entering the Congress . . . says that Traficant refused to assist with foreclosure actions when he believed they were fraudulent.