December 27, 2014

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Sanity Check celebrates its Third Anniversary!

Mike kicks off the Third Anniversary broadcast with the History Channel, Noah, and aliens. Lou aims to read more books in 2015 . . . can hardly believe how much he doesn’t yet know about how the world really works. Another of his aims for 2015: continue pursuing a homeopathic approach to wellness.

Segment II
Remember the April 2012 Restoring Freedoms event? Well, serious discussions are now underway for a 2015 reprise around the fourth quarter of the year. Lou shares some of his Christmas Eve conversation with his extended family . . . gambling and the state was one of the topics of contention.

Segment III
Lou asks what it means for “We, the People” to be in control of the government and announces the initial formation of a CYS/CPS Citizen Review Board. He and others will be meeting with legislators and CYS/CPS bureaucrats in Harrisburg on January 9. And what about the public’s access to CYS/CPS records? Frank Sorick wonders aloud how many ethics complaints were filed against Judge Michael Conahan before the Kids for Cash story finally broke.

Segment IV
Lou promotes the website in discussion the passage in Congress of the recent CRomnibus spending bill.