January 3, 2015

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Mike has a new CVS Pharmacy policy to bring to light concerning its recent decision to discontinue sales of cigarettes. Lou’s excited about the latest jury nullification efforts of Philly-area activist Jim Babb: phone kiosks bringing the matter to the attention of those in the vicinity of the Manhattan federal courthouse. Next stop Scranton? Mr. X makes a few observations on the Austrian School of economics in anticipation of show guest Dr. Mark Thornton.

Segment II
Dr. Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, joins the show to discuss what government has done to our money as he addresses a number of topics of interest to Austerian School economists and students.

Segment III
Thornton fields some questions concerning noted Chicago School economist Milton Friedman.

Segment IV
In the show’s final segment Lou focuses on the We, the People, Citizen Review Board initiative to scrutinize what’s happening in family/custody courts locally. He says the courts have operated in darkness for far too long. Personalities from other media outlets have even been invited to participate. In discussing some of the dynamics of power, Mr. X notes that positions of authority tend to attract psychopaths bent on abusing that authority.