August 30, 2014

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Mike arranges for some temporary health insurance, and not of the Obamacare variety. Lou describes the how the Gazette caused a stir earlier in the week by reporting sources’ claims that Wilkes-Barre police Chief Dessoye would be resigning and taking a position at King’s College. He says that none of the parties involved wanted the story out just yet, but the Gazette’s disclosure forced the hand of other media outlets. Frank Sorick observes that the breaking of any story tends to open the floodgates on that matter,

Segment II
Mike vents concerning the lack of leadership on the part of the US Congress, especially when it comes to US foreign policy. Mr. X cites the example of Syria from a year ago and the intransigence of the American people to back further US intervention in that country. Why has Obama failed to announce a strategy for the current developments in the Middle East? He hasn’t taken enough polls yet to determine the direction of the political winds. X announces his “Muckraker Challenge”: he’s offering $10k and an arms selection from his own personal arsenal to any high-ranking politician who’ll send their son or daughter to fight ISIS face to face . . . pursuant to certain conditions.

Segment III
Lou cites a Jefferson quotation posted a day earlier on Bruce Levine’s Voices facebook page and reiterates that the PA legislature needs to stand up to a runaway judiciary. Mike remarks again that most politicians are simply beholden to the machinery of their political parties, whether Republican or Democratic.

Segment IV
Lou appeals once again for support for the Gazette, if his listeners value the efforts of the paper. He mentions that he’s got a one-on-one scheduled with Scranton FBI Field Director Sean Quinn in which he plans to address a number of issues. Regarding political parties, Lou cites a report out of Illinois of armed Republican agents confronting signers of Libertarian Party petitions at their own homes . . . and intimidating them into retracting their petition signatures. This matter is heading to court.