August 23, 2014

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Mike’s got a car inspection story to relate from down in Texas. Once again he’s found the government’s hand to be lighter than it is in Pennsylvania . . . but perhaps not as light as it is in Montana, where — Lou is quick to point out — vehicle inspections are not required at all. Mike also mentions the Gazette‘s snazzy new honor boxes which are beginning to appear around Wilkes-Barre. Frank fills us in on Friday’s HB 76/Betsy Summers for State House rally in front of the Wilkes-Barre office of District 121’s Eddie Day Pashinski, who did not come out to talk to the group, curiously enough. With the recent FBI action against Leo Glodzik III et al., Lou reviews some of the Gazette‘s early support of Mark Robbins and his claims against the former city contract tower (see here and here and here, for some examples).

Segment II
Lou relates a recent experience of being subjected to FOX News . . . the same talking heads that promoted the invasions of Afghanistan and Irag are once again calling for US military intervention. X joins in to discuss the distinction between “isolationism” and “non-interventionism,” citing the Swiss as a prime example of a non-interventionist country.

Segment III
Family court reform advocate and activist Bruce Levine calls in to provide an update on the Custody4Cash front. He Lou and a few others will be meeting this weekend to produce a game plan for court reform going forward. Levine’s Voices facebook — with its nearly 1000 members — is one valuable resource available to those who’ve been aggrieved in some way.

Segment IV
Other local media outlets are becoming interested in the Custody4Cash claims but Levine wonders aloud where the Lackawanna County DA and Commissioners have been while he’s been lifting up his voice over the issue for years. Lou directs the discussion back to the chaos in Iraq and the matter of gun rights, Progressives, and self defense. Mr. X describes the recent events in Ferguson, MO, as the most effective commercial for the Second Amendment he’s ever seen.