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March 21, 2015

Mike cites Glenn Beck's exodus the past week from the Republican Party. Lou shares some observations on his special guest for the show, Richard Gage, and Gage's interview the previous day with a local shock jock from another station. It seems to Lou that, once again, the controlled media attacked the messenger in order to…
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September 6, 2014

Mike's been keeping track of the goings on with Luzerne County Council from Texas. Lou says the Independent Gazette will be back in those meetings next week to witness the fireworks. Lou then brings up the topic for this show: muckraking. This term will be featured in the September issue of the Gazette. In fact,…
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August 23, 2014

Mike's got a car inspection story to relate from down in Texas. Once again he's found the government's hand to be lighter than it is in Pennsylvania . . . but perhaps not as light as it is in Montana, where — Lou is quick to point out — vehicle inspections are not required at…
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