Portfolio Category: 94.3 FM - 2015

September 12, 2015

Mike is proud to have finally gone hog hunting the previous day. Lou's got a few stories about being down in DC on Wednesday at a huge rally opposing Obama's Iran deal. Mr. X wonders how an ISIS force of perhaps 50,000 could route some one million individuals. The team comments that ISIS wouldn't advance…
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September 5, 2015

"Tattoos, Pot, and Bluegrass" Mike's got some big government concerns involving small dwellings. Lou's offers some observations on Obama's trip to the hinterlands of Alaska, and relates some of his own experiences in the state, relating them to the feds, wolves, and Yellowstone National Park. Talking about the great outdoors, Mike relates how he recently had…
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August 29, 2015

Mike was pricing "brick's" of .22 long ammo . . . says they're three times the price they were only three years ago. Lou's hearing a lot about how sharp Mr. X and then mentions some upcoming events, such as the Cornstock Festival next weekend and a memorial event for Tunkhannock's Jeremy Mowry later in the day.…
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