September 12, 2015

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Mike is proud to have finally gone hog hunting the previous day. Lou’s got a few stories about being down in DC on Wednesday at a huge rally opposing Obama’s Iran deal. Mr. X wonders how an ISIS force of perhaps 50,000 could route some one million individuals. The team comments that ISIS wouldn’t advance too far into well-armed Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Segment II (16:29)
Mike says we’re looking for political outsiders in races because neither the Ds nor the Rs are adequately representing the people. Mr. X offers some observations on the redaction of 9/11 information from government reports, saying we still don’t know what really happened on that fateful day 14 years ago. X also comments on and commends Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) for voting Present Friday on an Iran deal measure brought before the House. Amash is noted for explaining every one of his votes via social media, and he simply did not have enough information this time to vote either way.

Segment III (29:44)
Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) calls in to the show once again (in an extended third segment) to discuss the Iran deal and the three congressional votes which have concerned it thus far. Marino says he has read the proposed “agreement’ (as Obama has termed it) and discussed it with colleagues and staffers and that it includes nothing for the U.S. and everything the Iranians want. Marino describes the deal as a “scam.”

Marino claims a large number of House Democrats voted in favor of the deal only after receiving a call from Obama, and faults Senate Majority LeaderĀ Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for not employing the “nuclear option” in the Senate for the vote which occurred in that body. Marino says there is no way to stop the deal on account of Obama’s abuse of executive power even while Libertarian Lou presses him on the critical role the Corker bill played in allowing the deal to advance.

Mr. X emphasizes in his closing comments the need for a full commitment to the truth and hypertransparency.