September 26, 2015

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Mike notes that it’s an exciting time in politics . . . could that have anything to do with the super moon? The team discusses developments concerning AG Kane‘s law license and Pa Senator Mike Folmer‘s hearing on the Voters’ Choice Act. Mr. X weighs in on the lawsuit filed in DC against the PDC, the Presidential Debate Commission, calls it a “monumental development” for greater choice in the political realm. Lou follow up with some observations on the changing focus of Tea Party members over the years.

Segment II (18:20)
Lou breaks some news about the Freedom House Project, which matter graces the cover of the fall 2015 issue of The Quad printed the day before. Lou and the team then recount some of the early days of the Gazette, focusing on Wilkes-Barre matters in the second half of 2012 and then on into 2013. Mike reminds everyone that there were activist “precursors” to the Gazette, notably local Libertarian pioneer Betsy Summers. X says the Gazette’s strength has been its resolve to get at the truth, no matter the repercussions.

Segment III (39:56)
Mr. X has some observations on the Pope’s U.S. trip, and he is not infatuated with the Pontiff’s presence here. Lou laments the expansion of government, to which X replies that one should be impacted so little by government that one wouldn’t even need to be concerned with who runs the Federal Reserve or who one’s congressman is. X lauds capitalism, as distinguished fromĀ crony capitalism, as that one system to lift multitudes from poverty, as they’ve engaged in voluntary transactions for mutual benefit.

Segment IV (51:21)
The team’s got some observations on John Boehner‘s departure from the House Speakership position. Mike calls him a “coward” and a “hypocrite.” Lou brings up the matter of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson‘s recent comments concerning a Muslim president. X says the central matter in that regard is the balance between one’s personal faith and the responsibilities of public office.