May 24, 2017

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Mike kicks off the broadcast with an update on the grooming of San Antonio mayor Julian Castro. Mike’s hearing from sources in Texas that Castro’s already been tapped as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate. Frank Sorick’s in studio again to give an update on the Independent Gazette‘s Thursday night post on the hacking of Wilkes-Barre mayor Tom Leighton’s emails. Lou’s got plenty to say about lawyers and their manipulation of language, you know, the stuff of legal documents. He and Gazette staffer John DiLiberto will be tabling at the Libertarian Party National Convention in late June. The convention’s theme: character matters.

Segment II:
Lou from Greeley calls in to mention the dramatic drop in voter turnout in Pike County this year. Libertarian Lou once again states his views on the primary elections: keep them closed, but don’t compel taxpayers to foot the bill. Mr. X joins the broadcast with a report of the legal shenanigans that kept 50-year congressman John Conyers on the primary ballot this year in Michigan. Hint: a federal judge was involved. X says that laws are designed to create barriers to entry, not to be applied uniformly and impartially. Lou (libertarian, not Greeley Lou) wonders aloud whether we really are a “nation of laws” and suggests that voters rip up their Voter Registration Cards. Mike notes that the parties are controlled and keep their members voting out of fear.

Segment III:
Councilwoman Kathy Dobash, of Luzerne County, phones in to call for new county leadership — but not the change that Councilman Jim Bobeck suggested at Thursday night’s meeting. Mike wonders aloud about the Republican Party’s support for Harry Haas, whom he considers a tax-loving RINO. Frank thinks the parties should be hijacked to move them in the direction of the US Constitution . . . and X agrees. He says this strategy would depend on the continuation of low voter turnouts.

Segment IV:
After some banter about the correct pronunciation of “Barre” in “Wilkes-Barre” Lou emphasizes that the court system, in general, is a “cesspool.” This includes Police Benevolence Association endorsements of judges and the obvious bias within the judicial system towards law enforcement. Frank says that even video clearly contradicting a police officer’s sworn testimony would be (and has been) disregarded. Mike asks what’s changes in Pennsylvania with the Republicans fully in control in Harrisburg. Lou: more laws. Mike: nothing. Frank advises all to stop voting straight party. X notes that the press is supposed to be antagonistic towards pols.