June 21, 2014

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Lou pledges not to text while driving. He won’t be on air next week on account of his trip with John DiLiberto out to Columbus, Ohio, for the Libertarian Party National Convention, but listeners will be in the good hands of Frank Sorick and Betsy summers — in addition to those of Mr. X and Mike.

Bob Butts is in studio once again to offer his wisdom. For one thing, as long as self-worth is tied to money society will have some real issues to contend with.

Segment III begins for a call for leaders. Lou says that Andy Ostrowski is one of those as he welcomes him onto the show. Ostrowski is running against Lou Barletta in 2014 for the US House seat for Pennsylvania’s Eleventh District. As a former attorney, Ostrowski’s got quite a bit of insight into judicial system corruption — and plenty of suggestions to address them.

The team wraps up a few discussion threads in the final segment, including Frank Sorick’s description of the common law grand jury movement.