July 26, 2014

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Mike claims illegals immigration¬†into Mexico is not occurring because the country does not offer welfare benefits to those entering illegally. Frank Sorick a budding movie star? He’ll be filming a lead role in an indie film in New York next week. Lou will be in Wilkes-Barre later in the day to petition for Betsy Summers in her bid to appear on the ballot against sitting state representative in the 121st District Eddie Day Pashinski. He offers a brief teaser of his national parks piece appearing in the August¬†Gazette issues.

Segment II
Lou launches into immigration and morality, a topic for the balance of the show. He doesn’t think the mainstream media’s coverage of the latest immigration development passes the “smell test.” A 2,000-mile trek by kids? Really? Mike is also concerned about illegals being taken advantage of by employers . . . he’s witnessed this himself down in Texas.

Segment III
Mr. X asserts that more than 80 percent of the unaccompanied “children” immigrants are 16 years old or older. And is there really a “sudden crisis” in Central and South America? Does the framing of the whole matter come down to 50 percent of Americans being “thinkers,” and 50 percent being “feelers”?

Segment IV
The team focuses their attention on mass media in segment IV. Lou thinks independent media outlets need to head down to the border to speak to the immigrant “children” themselves.